Keeping Healthy

According to health reports by the world health organization, approximately 20 million people miss prompt and quality medical care because of little or no use of non-emergency medical transportation.

A lot of individual’s and hospitals only concentrates on emergency medical transport system oblivious of the dangers ignoring non-emergency medical transport. What they do not know is that medical transportation plays a vital role in a positive health outcome for patients across all ages

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Keeping Healthy with the Help of Medical Transports

Disabled and elderly citizens often rely on the help and kindness of family, friends, and neighbors to accomplish chores outside of the home. Transportation can be especially difficult for a person with limited physical mobility. This arrangement may work out well in cases when they are pre-arranged, on a regular basis, or convenient for the driver. However, other aspects of life may intrude, and the friend or family member relied upon for a ride may need to be cancelled, or postponed.

In cases such as these, or in cases where a person has no support system to count on for transportation, a non-emergency medical transport can be the answer. Private medical transports do not need to be utilized only in cases of dire emergencies. An individual simply trying to keep up with appointments in order to remain in good health has the incentive of continued good health to hire transport. Transport is an excellent option for someone in need of regular transportation, an individual seeking to have an alternative transportation solution so they don’t feel they are overtaxing their current transportation provider, or someone feeling they can no longer have the ability to drive themselves. Even long distance medical transportation services are available for those who need to see the doctor in a different state.

Doctor Appointments

A doctor appointment, especially for an elderly individual, or disabled person can be critical to the maintaining good health. Some individuals may require routine doctor visits frequently and asking a loved one or friend to transport to every one may seem burdensome. Others may not have a person they can rely on to drive them when and where they need to go. Medical transports can drive a patient to and from a doctor appointment without they worry about taking up someone else’s time. A transport is convenient for individuals who require transport to a doctor whose office is a great distance away from home, or there is a need to visit more than one doctor at separate locations.

Dental Appointments

Dentist appointments are often canceled with little reason due to many individuals finding no joy in visiting the dentist. Lack of transportation is the perfect scapegoat in these cases. A medical transport can eliminate that excuse. Keeping teeth healthy or making and keeping appointments for dentures is as much a part of staying healthy and active as a trip to a general practitioner or medical specialist.

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Optometrist Visits

A trip to the optometrist can be an issue if an individual is having problems with their vision or current eyeglass prescription. In those cases, a drive to the optometrist can be dangerous. Whether the trip is routine, or due to a vision problem, a transport can solve any dilemma that may arise that could possibly keep an individual from correcting their sight.

Prescription Drug Pick Up

An inability to travel to a pharmacy physically to pick up prescriptions is a significant reason why many individuals will allow a lapse in their medication, even if the medication is vitally important. The convenience and ease of hiring a medical transport to pick up prescriptions can prevent a person from ever running out of their medication again. Taking care of oneself will make for a longer, healthier life that can be enjoyed rather than worried over.