Benefits Of Using NEMT

This brief article will give you some of the benefits of embracing a proper non-emergency medical transportation system given that there has been an increasing need for Non-emergency medical transportation globally.

elderly with chronic disease

Prevents the Worsening of the Chronic Diseases

Efficient non-emergency medical transportation help prevents the growth of chronic conditions. There are chronic conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes that need medical treatments on a regular basis. Non-emergency medical transportation has to be used to ensure that the patients get the treatment on time. Staying home due to lack of transportation might prove fatal in the end. In the USA, it approximates that chronic conditions account for 75 percent of all healthcare visits. All these visits can only be successful through proper non-emergency transportation systems.

It Provides Easy Healthcare Access

On-emergency medical transport is ideal for those who are disadvantaged in mobility. The category usually involves the older, those with disabilities and the poor who cannot afford transportation to health care services. Such people can easily access quality health care by getting assistance from the hospitals, or individuals who own cars or even the public transportation system. It can help save lives than leaving the victims to stay at home and die.

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It Contributes to Medical Expansion

Availability of non-emergency medical transport is making it very easy to access medical services hence the population of people visiting hospitals is expanding. The increase in hospitals visits is a good thing since it helps in managing diseases before they advance to dangerous levels. An estimate puts it that the frequent visits to hospitals globally will increase by 80 percent by 2016. Many people have also started to register in various medical transport schemes that have cropped up to help in securing an efficient non-emergency medical transportation. For instance, in the US there is already a program known as Medicaid that helps patients’ access medical services in an easy manner.

Reduce Medical Costs

Non-emergency medical transportation is contributing to the reduction in medical costs in our population today. Instead of a patient getting hospital admission, the patient can come from home and receive regular treatment even on a daily basis. As a result, many patients save a lot when it comes to paying for inpatient bills that might be huge amounts. The patient can either use a personal car or a public vehicle to attend the required medical procedures in the hospital. However, medics must carefully monitor the patient’s situation before dismissing the option of admission. If people could embrace the transportation system, we could be saving a lot as individuals and the government.