Medical Transport Options

If you ever have the need for a medical transport in this country, you’ll have your pick. Opportunities are like poppies growing in a vacant field. Here is a short list of a few medical means of transport available:

  • Air Ambulance and International Air Ambulance Services
  • Commercial Medical Escorts If Required
  • Long Distance Medical Transportation For The Elderly
  • Local And Instate Medical Transports
  • Helicopter Transports

Air Ambulance

Actually, medical transport services can refer to various types of transportation and the companies that provide them and serve those who are in need. However, if your need should arise in a personal emergency, you should keep in mind that some companies will only transport people in an emergency situation; things like an ambulance or helicopter that can get the gravely ill folks to a hospital or other medical center, pronto.

Then there are many times when the need is a non-emergency and merely calling a local emergency service will quickly bring an ambulance for medical care. Also, some may need to get somewhere at a longer distance for specialized care; ergo, plenty of companies are ready and willing to provide medical services for this as well. Every now and then you’ll find a medical transport company that will offer medical “escorts” so people can take a standard airplane flight. There are even medical transport services available for those who are bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound and need to be taken to a local hospital.

Surely most readers of this article will understand that all of these types of medical transport services is not free. A lot of the time people will have to pay significant amounts even for non-emergency medical transportation. However, there may be few circumstances where disability exists, and insurance or other plans like Medicare will pick up the cost. If you are not of the Medicare age or don’t have deep pockets, in order to pay the transport bill, you may be able to discuss your situation with a local charitable agency that offers medical transport. It should also be noted here that a majority of the free agencies will only offer aid to children and possibly their immediate family for transport to hospitals that provide specialized care. You should be able to locate these companies on the Internet.

emergency medical technician

If your are concerned about who is driving the ambulance or flying the airplane, please keep in mind that most ambulance companies employ emergency medical technicians with experience. Yet, that is usually not the case with companies who provide medical transport vans. So it might be in the patient’s best interest if you choose a company who employs men and women who would know how to take any appropriate actions should a medical condition suddenly arise during the trip.
Oh, one more thing. In a non-emergency (not life threatening) and you need immediate help, you would usually call an ambulance. If you have made an appointment and don’t have a ride and have health insurance, the company you have called will simply charge your insurance company